Be a Vis Vitae Pilgrim!


It is easy to become a pilgrim! Just accept the teachings of the Via Ver Vita.

  1. Tap into the natural energy flow of life. Practice the rituals of life
  2. Let the Earth into your heart and don't follow the teachings of man made deities (Christianity for example). This religion is based upon animistic beliefs and you can incorporate those beliefs into your daily rituals.
  3. Don't be a pacifist. Stand up for your beliefs.
  4. Read and follow the teachings that this religion has presented, be active in this web site. Submit articles and your stories.

The benefits of being a Vis Vitae Pilgrim:

  1. The Most important benefit of being a Vis Vitae Pilgrim is achieving inner peace and knowing that your energy is never going to die - just change forms
  2. You will also know that you are not alone. There are others who have the same spirituality and beliefs that you do. You are not the only one being harassed by flesh eaters and have the knowledge to defend your self.
  3. You can begin your mission to promote animal welfare and achieve your P.E.P. with others. You can wear the same battle armor with others and we can be an organized world army. This means we can win more fights than a bunch of individual terrorists.
  4. After a year of your pilgrimage you will have the opportunity to be ordained a Veganer Knight!
  5. There are many other rewards to obtain spirituality, on a personal level and benefiting Mother Earth.
  6. Be able to submit your testimonials, articles, art, poems, whatever to the Via, Veritas Vita and The Veganer Times.



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